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Worry-Free Fixed Prices

I have implemented an innovative pricing system that offers the convenience of fixed prices teamed with the security of accuracy and service guarantees!

That means we’ll agree to a fixed price, before service begins, and that will be the price you pay.  No surprises!

Many professionals charge by the form or by the hour and come up with the price that you pay after the services have been performed.  Where else would you agree to buy a product before you knew what it was going to cost?

Deciding the price after the service has been provided leads to many unnecessary misunderstandings and hurt feelings on both sides and provides no value to you.

That’s why I’ve left time sheets behind.  No by the hour charges, billing for phone calls, or “nickel and diming” you.  I take the time to look at your situation from every angle, prepare your returns the right way, and I do whatever it takes to make sure that you’re happy all year long!

What is a Fixed Price Agreement?

A Fixed Price Agreement lays out a fixed price for services that is agreed to prior to work starting and that will not change throughout the project.  The scope of the project, the services that I will provide, and your responsibilities will all be clearly defined prior to work starting.

You will choose your desired level of service from the three customized service packages that I prepared for you.  The prices for each service package and any optional services (such as audit protection) are clearly stated.

Work will begin only after you’ve selected your level of service and signed the Fixed Price Agreement.

By doing things this way, you’ll know and agree to the price you pay before I even begin working on your account and there won’t be any surprises.