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Audit Protection Service

If you get audited, it can be for a number of different reasons.  For example:

    • The IRS may conduct random audits
    • Some audits are designed to “improve” the audit selection scoring system to determine which areas of compliance the IRS wishes to focus on in the future
    • You may be in a high-risk profession or claim credits or deductions that the IRS audits more frequently
    • In general, the IRS audits high income taxpayers more frequently

There is a significant amount of specialized knowledge and experience necessary to review the audit notice, respond to the Information Document Request, gather additional records, conduct any required research, meet with the Revenue Agent or Revenue Officer, and to conduct any follow-up meetings.

Fees for representation work depend on the nature of the issue and can vary greatly depending on the scope of the engagement.

What is “Audit Protection Service”?

Now you can eliminate the anxiety of a stressful, drawn out, expensive audit from your life forever!

My Audit Protection Service is an add-on to the base service package that you select and a fantastic value if you are ever a selected for audit by the IRS.

Audit Protection Service covers the cost of responding to or dealing with all subsequent notices or audits related to the income tax returns that I prepared for you for that tax year.

By purchasing my Audit Protection Service, you protect yourself against the risk of incurring additional charges to comply with a tax authority’s requests for more information.

In the event of a full-blown, in-person audit, fees can easily be several thousand dollars due to the nature of audits and the significant amount of specialized knowledge and experience they require.

You will find that other representation professionals, such as Enrolled Agents or Tax Attorneys, charge hourly rates of $125-$400+ and require significant retainers to be paid prior to starting services.

What happens if I don’t purchase your Audit Protection Service and then I get audited?

If you decide not to purchase the optional Audit Protection Service and you are later selected for audit, I will evaluate the initial request for additional information free of charge.

I will then prepare and present to you a comprehensive plan to remedy the situation, along with an Extra Work Order with a fixed price to address the issue.  You can then choose how you’d like to proceed.

Fees for representation work depend on the nature of the issue and will vary according to the scope of the engagement.