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I offer three professional service packages to choose from, ranging from fully-customized Premier and Deluxe plans to tax-only Value plans – all based on your needs and goals. Regardless of what level of professional service you choose, you’ll be able to lock in a price before work even begins.

1.  Value / Tax-Only

The Value package is a no-frills, get-your-foot-in-the-door package ideal for:

        • Individuals without businesses (i.e. just a “regular” 1040)
        • Start-ups
        • People who own a small farm or a rental property or two
        • Small business owners who aren’t quite ready for the additional services included in the Deluxe or Premier packages but who value professional, expert advice

2.  Deluxe

The Deluxe package is my most popular business package and is geared towards:

        • Business owners that need my help with bookkeeping, payroll and/or QuickBooks
        • People who own several rental properties
        • High income, high net worth individuals that need tax planning
        • Farmers and business owners who need to pay estimated taxes

This package is ideal for business owners who are ready to take the next step in their financial future by taking advantage of my hands-on professional services, such as my QuickBooks Health Checks or hands-on “Done For You” accounting and payroll solutions.

3.  Premier

The Premier package is my “VIP” package and is designed for:

        • Business owners who are SERIOUS about growing their business and creating more time, money, and freedom
        • Restaurants/bar owners who could benefit from specialized in-depth consulting services
        • Those who need year-round proactive tax planning
        • Business owners who need the skills and expertise of an experienced CPA/CFO in their business without the high expense of a full-time employee or business partner

Due to the intense time and effort that I dedicate to my Premier clients, I only accept a very limited number of these engagements.

Every package features:

    • Error-free, no hassle preparation of your Federal, State, and Local return(s)
    • Avoid IRS scrutiny: All returns go through a comprehensive audit “red flag” check before filing
    • “No surprise” fixed pricing
    • Manage your cash flow with flexible monthly payment terms
    • Rest easy with my Accuracy Guarantee
    • No questions asked, 100% money back Service Guarantee
    • Unlimited, year-round access regarding any topic
    • Guaranteed response to your e-mails and phone calls by the next business day
    • Guaranteed turnaround on your tax returns within one week of receiving all necessary/requested information
    • “Safe and secure” encrypted PDF tax return delivery

Popular Upgrades:

    • Customized Tax Planning

      • Annual, Semi-Annual, or Quarterly tax planning meetings
      • Multiple scenario tax planning reports, based on any factors you choose
      • Preparation of Federal and State estimated tax payment vouchers
      • For wage earners: W-4 analysis to adjust your payroll withholding and plan for a refund
    • “Peace of Mind” Audit Protection Service

      • Fed & State – Current Year
      • Fed & State – ALL PRIOR YEARS
    • Comprehensive QuickBooks Services

      • New company file setup
      • QuickBooks payroll setup
      • Company file cleanup (one time)
      • QuickBooks “Health Checks” (For non-bookkeeping clients)
        • Semi-Annual (2)
        • Quarterly (4)
        • Monthly (12)
      • Tech Help (Setup, install, employee training, diagnosis, remote support)
        • Block of 5 hours (per year)
        • Block of 10 hours (per year)
        • Block of 20 hours (per year)
    • “Done For You” Total Accounting Solutions

      • Bookkeeping
        • Maintain a complete set of accounting records for your company
      • Bill Pay Service
        • Maintain your accounts payable
        • Print checks for you to sign & mail, OR
        • Set up and maintain online bill payment service so there are no checks to sign or mail
      • Full-service payroll
        • Includes all Federal, State and Local filings
        • Multi-state payroll
        • City of St. Louis payroll reports
        • Preparation and electronic filing of all W-2s
        • Convenient direct deposit service
        • Delivery of paper checks directly to you – no more picking up payroll!
      • 1099 Preparation
      • Preparation of Sales & Use Tax Returns
    • Start-Up Business Services

      • Entity selection and tax analysis
      • Obtain an EIN from the IRS
      • EFTPS and State electronic payment setup
      • Creation of a custom Chart of Accounts
      • New Business consulting
        • Business plan evaluation and creation
        • Management & operations consulting
        • Evaluation of new, potential, or existing accounting staff
        • How to set and evaluate business budgets and goals
        • Setting up and implementing systems to increase your efficiency and profits
        • Getting (and staying!) organized